Irvine & Fullerton

HD Gender Ultrasounds

We have three convenient locations. Our original office opened in 2016 in Irvine, California. Our Brand New Laguna Hills office is now open. We are serving all of orange county with the highest quality ultrasounds available. We specialize in providing a unique luxury bonding experience for expectant mothers & families. Using Ultrasound sound imaging we are able to peek into your belly and show you what your little guy or girl is doing in there (4D).
*We are allowing 10 guests*

Gender Guarantee

Session times are minimum scan times. We understand sometimes baby can be Shy, which is why we book our sessions with lots of cushion in between. We will work with you and baby to make sure we see the gender clearly & make sure you're comfortable in the process. Our Genders are guaranteed or your money back. There are other techniques to get it at 13 or even 12 weeks but I’ve found them to be unreliable. I don’t want to guess with something as important as gender. Our track record and reviews speak for themselves. We call gender consistently and reliably at 14 weeks. If baby doesn't cooperate or we can't call it confidently, we'll have you back for a free rescan.

Gender Reveal Packages


We will confidently determine gender or have you return within two weeks free-of-charge.

Big Reveal Silver SALE!

Irvine/Laguna/Fullerton: $50

(14-20 weeks) 2D Ultrasound
7 Minute Session
Guaranteed Gender determination or free rescan
Hear baby's heartbeat
1 page of black and white photos

Big Reveal Gold SALE!

Irvine/Laguna/Fullerton: $60

(14-20 weeks) HD 3D/4D Ultrasound
10 Minute Session
Guaranteed Gender determination or free rescan
Hear baby's heartbeat
1 page of photo quality prints
All Images emailed
Video recording
HD 3D/4D Peek

  • HD Ultrasound Equipment

    2014 Equipment with 2019 software. 10 years newer than all the competition. Better quality for more accurate results. Available at all 3 locations.

  • Spa-Like Atmosphere

    We've gone all out to provide a warm relaxing environment for mommy and family.

  • Huge Flat Screen TV

    So you and your family can see clearly, as we look into your babies world.

  • Adjustable bed with Memory foam mattress.
  • Fresh fitted sheets changed for every guest; Washed with hypo-allergenic soap

Here are some of the amazing Ultrasounds we've been able to obtain for our guests.