The Bexa Breast Exam provides convenient access to vital early detection services. These Exams are an essential part of proactive healthcare, empowering individuals to take charge of their breast health with ease and convenience.
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What makes Bexa so special?


    The soft, handheld Bexa™ sensor is moved gently over the surface of the breast and underarm.


    A Bexa exam takes less than 30 minutes to complete the Exam

    No radiation

    A breast exam with Bexa, including ultrasound, does not use any radiation and is safe during pregnancy with no side effects.


    The results of a Bexa exam are provided to women immediately – at the end of the examination.


    96% of women receiving a breast exam with Bexa do not require further studies or tests.


    Including in women with dense breast tissue


People love Bexa's comfortable ease and convenience

“I would do this again in a heartbeat”

“Examiner explained everything, gave me a lot of helpful information.”

 “It's great that the exam is convenient and quick. I also like that it can see through dense tissue and is not painful.”

“Thank you thank you for doing this. I had a friend who died at 31 from pregnancy related breast cancer so I am always very anxious about breast health especially being under age health insurance won't cover breast mammograms or ultrasounds yet! Thanks for taking women's health seriously and providing this great service for us.”

“It was so informative, and I was very pleased with the care taken of the professional that completed the exam.”

“I think this is such a wonderful and needed add to a woman's health care.”

“Love having an alternative for dense breast.”

“This was a great experience. The examiner was friendly, explained everything well and put me around ease.”

“Thank you for all you do to keep us women healthy!”

“The staff was great about explaining the process to me beforehand and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire exam. I’m thankful we have access to programs like these.” 

“Thank you! Today actually saved me from taking a day off. It was amazing!”

“It was Awesome. I came in very nervous and left the exam excited and glad that I went through with the exam. And both ladies were very helpful and calmed my nerves.”

    Bexa: a new kind of breast exam

    Bexa is small and portable allowing exams to be performed anywhere a woman can be examined privately.

    What is Bexa?

    Bexa is an FDA-cleared 510(k) medical device that employs high resolution elastography to produce a map of abnormal breast tissues and masses.

    Bexa’s advanced, proprietary capacitive sensor array collects data about abnormal tissues based upon their elastic nature – how firm they are compared to surrounding tissue. These differences in tissue firmness are captured digitally when the Bexa™ sensor array is moved gently across the surface of the breast. No radiation or energy of any kind is emitted by the sensor.

    A breast examination with Bexa fully integrates the evaluation of all discovered breast masses using B-mode ultrasound, adding critical data to the evaluation and classification of abnormal breast tissues, and dramatically reducing an already low need for additional imaging studies.

    The results of a Bexa Breast Exam are provided to women immediately, at the end of the examination, making for a better breast exam experience.

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    All Bexa Exams are by Appointment Only; Each office is only open during scheduled appointments. Same-day availability as our schedule permits. Please call ahead to confirm availability.